Neighbors connect directly through personal fundraising and support efforts for those in our area in need. 

 Anna and her two children resettled in Sea Cliff from fleeing Ukraine when Russian troops took over their city. Leaving her husband, parents, friends and a business behind, help us welcome this family into our community. CLICK HERE TO HELP RESETTLE THIS FAMILY!

On the morning of August 24th, a catastrophic fire occurred at NOSH, who provides support for the food insecure in our area in a safe and responsible way during this crisis and in the aftermath, resulting in the total loss of equipment and food inventory.  CLICK HERE TO REBUILD NOSH!

Anna Brown Jennett, former Sea Cliff celebrity who you may have seen walking around town donning a whimsical hat and positive attitude, is in need of help.  Facing a lifetime of medical issues since childhood, Anna moved to Georgia to help her brother before his passing on December 1, 2021. The stress of losing her last surviving sibling, having to make the multiple decisions and obstacles associated with his affairs is taking a harmful toll on her health. If we can remove some of this stress, Anna will be able to rest a little easier. CLICK HERE TO BRIGHTEN ANNA'S DAY! 

Help feed the men of Glen Cove's Men's Sheltering Program by providing a meal.  CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER A MEAL! 

On October 3rd, 2021 Carmello Carter was involved in a horrific car accident that claimed his life, his fathers life and severely injured 2 of his other siblings. Donations will be used for funeral cost, hospital bills and other expenses incurred. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT OUR NEIGHBOR CANDICE!