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Thanks to the success of our 4th annual All You Need is Love, we are thrilled to continue our All You Need is Love Scholarships! Each scholarship further brings our mission of social goodness to the community! 


All You Need is Love Community Scholarship

Awards one (1) resident from our collective neighborhood living within the North Shore Central School District, $500 for their proposed community project that best aligns with LYNPs mission of connecting to social goodness. Age restrictions do not apply. 

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST on June 30, 2024 through the following link: CLICK HERECLICK TO READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION!

All You Need is Love Scholarship for Graduating Seniors

LYNPs All You Need is Love Scholarship for North Shore High School Graduating Seniors awarded three seniors who embody our mission of social goodness $1,000 each. 

Meet your neighbor Ava Attina. Ava embodies social goodness through her altruistic spirit and commitment to supporting her neighbors. Her volunteer work at a children's library and tutoring peers highlights her passion for helping others succeed. However, it was Ava’s ability to transform tragedy into inspiration that captivated our attention. From a young age, she aspired to provide support to children facing challenges and foster empathy and understanding as her journey began with the loss of a cousin at just 18 years old. Despite grappling with grief, Ava and her family found solace in giving back, establishing a memorial scholarship in her cousin's name, and volunteering for fundraisers to aid families in crisis. Through her own struggles, Ava learned the importance of seeking help and sharing her experiences, ultimately inspiring her pursuit of a career in therapy. With resilience, empathy, and dedication, Ava embodies social goodness in her meaningful connections with others.

Meet your neighbor Charlotte Marchioli. Charlotte—a thespian, musician, writer, activist, devoted friend, and neighbor. Her talents are matched only by her innate social goodness which is integral to Charlotte’s being, the part of her that warms our hearts. At just 11, she penned a letter to a grieving neighbor following his wife's passing. While a response was never received, the satisfaction of knowing it was there for him; that she had reached out in those dark times was enough, revealing Charlotte’s deep emotional intelligence and kindness. Throughout her high school years, Charlotte's dedication to social goodness continues to shine. From supporting her fellow actors to advocating for inclusivity, she consistently uses her talents to uplift others and promote positive change. Her efforts extended beyond the stage, organizing fundraisers and events to support the causes she believes in. Charlotte's impact on our community is immeasurable, and her commitment to social goodness serves as an inspiration. 

Meet your neighbor Sophia Marchioli. Sophia's impact goes beyond her impressive resume of achievements. Her 94 hours of community service, leadership roles in Girls Who Run and the Kiwanis Club, and athletic prowess as captain of North Shore’s Cross Country and Track Teams highlight her dedication. Additionally, her academic excellence, recognized as one of North Shore’s highest-achieving students, is commendable. However, it was Sophia’s compassionate gesture towards a nervous teammate that truly touched us. When a teammate qualified for States, Sophia traveled hours upstate to support her, showcasing her selflessness and dedication to uplifting others. This act exemplifies Sophia's commitment to social goodness, demonstrating the depth of her character and the kindness of her heart.








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