Launching in May 2020 in response to a community facing Covid-19, LYNPs first project provided reusable handmade masks to neighbors in need.  As demand continued to grow, LYNP donated 2,000 masks and bottles of hand sanitizer within a few short weeks. 

The needs of those facing financial hardships are growing each day and accessibility diminishing quickly. Our communities are divided and not finding common ground as we collectively experience life.  And so, the idea to create a platform that brings neighbors together was formed. Witnessing the impact

Covid-19 had on the businesses we rely on each day; we expanded the mission to serve as a way to reinvigorate our hyper-local economy by connecting neighbor with neighbor.

LYNP, a non-political non-profit registered 501(c)(3), is about community supporting community — neighbors are empowered to do good through hyper-local social goodness. We accomplish this by living in a three-prong approach: 

  1. LYNP develops opportunities for community to connect by bringing events to life

  2. LYNP bridges the gap by bringing opportunities offered elsewhere to our community

  3. LYNP equalizes accessibility for neighbors in financial stress by creating projects with our Connected Neighbors, while, through fundraising, cover half of a project's expense. 

The message behind our name is simple … for those who may feel left behind, for those who may feel forgotten, there is a neighbor who loves you. ​


Your Neighbor

Giving hand

Connection for all

Giving hand

LYNP is a grassroots nonprofit that creates 

opportunities that connect community

Giving hand

LYNP is a grassroots nonprofit that creates 

opportunities that connect community.

We are proud to say ...

  • 97% of all money raised goes into our community

  • We have loved over 1,650 neighbors