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Thanks to all of our neighbors who made our 3rd annual All You Need is Love 80s Prom a success, we were thrilled to launch our All You Need is Love Scholarships! Each scholarship further brings our mission of social goodness to the community! 


All You Need is Love Scholarship for ... Graduating Seniors

Meet your neighbor, Abigail Maler. After receiving multiple nominations as the deserving graduating senior for initiating the effort that reinstated the NSHS volleyball team's breast cancer awareness and fundraising activities, her volunteer work with the Community Youth Organization and local library, serving as a founding member of the Environmental Club, and interning at a local reproductive wellness center, Abby was awarded $1,000 to help her continue her path of doing good. Abby shared, "This scholarship has given me the motivation to work even harder and to strive for excellence in all aspects of my life. I am proud to be associated with an organization that is dedicated to helping others for the greater good!"

All You Need is Love Scholarship for ... North Shore School District - High School

Meet your neighbors, North Shore High School's Life Skills Class. With Sea Cliff School’s K-2 ILC Class, they’ve developed Garden Buddies, an integrated collaboration between the high school students who tend to SCS’ garden during the summer and visit during the school year to teach their younger peers how to plant, harvest, weed, and water. As the submission noted, “The High School students are amazing teachers and role models for their younger peers! They show concern, model patience, and teach safety. Our Elementary students listen intently and follow directions from their older peers. In addition, both classes participate in harvesting food for a delicious garden tasting each week during Sea Cliff students' lunchtime.” The $500 scholarship will go towards the purchasing of items that make gardening easier for students with sensory issues and who face physical challenges when using mainstream products.

All You Need is Love Scholarship for ... North Shore School District - Sea Cliff School

Meet your neighbor, Mojdeh Hassani, Garden Advisor at Sea Cliff School (and oh so many other things). The Sea Cliff School Garden Club received the All You Need is Love District Scholarships for $250 with their dedicated Love Your Neighbor Project Kindness Garden – an immersion project teaching students how to harvest as well as to care for their neighbors by donating the produce grown to families within our district receiving assistance through the school, Mutual Concerns, and NOSH Delivers. Ms. Hassani shared, “We are very proud to be the recipient of LYNPs Scholarship. Ever since its conception, the SCS Garden has fully embraced being part of this magical community, and now we can do better outreach through this scholarship.” 

All You Need is Love Scholarship for ... Community

Meet your neighbor, Ian Strong, a North Shore Middle School 6th-grade graduate, who was awarded the All You Need is Love Community Scholarship for $500 for his proposal for a Pride Garden outside the office of 268 Sea Cliff Avenue! Filling the garden with a rainbow of flowers including petunias, geraniums, and zinnias, Ian would build a Take Some Pride, Leave Some Pride mailbox, a place for community members to share positive messages with others.


“Being awarded the All You Need is Love scholarship has given me the opportunity to help spread love and kindness in the community. As someone who is gay, I know that I am very lucky to have family and friends who support me, but I know that there are some who are not as fortunate as me. I am hopeful that the pride garden and mailbox will provide those who need it in the community a feeling of safety, a feeling of being loved, a feeling that they are not alone, a feeling to not give up. Pride doesn't end in June; we have to celebrate and be proud of who we are all year long!” shared Ian.


Susan, Ian’s mother, continued, “From the moment Ian heard about the scholarship opportunity, he jumped into action, planning ideas on how to shine more love, through pride, into the community. Watching his commitment into discovering ways to let others know they are loved, welcomed, seen, all while expressing his own pride has been beautiful. We are beyond proud of his dedication to this project but also to his commitment to being his true self. Ian, being granted this opportunity while on his journey of self-exploration, has been incredibly validating and empowering. We are forever grateful to LYNP!!”


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