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Ever meet a new neighbor and feel like they’ve already decided

who you are before saying hello? How about you?

Ever formed an opinion about someone too quickly? 


He drives “that” car, so they must vote ... 


She wears “that”, so she must be ...


They have “that”, so they must support ...


Did you hear “that”? They must believe …


They live “there”, so they must …


We piece together so many clues to assemble our opinions of people––Facebook posts, gossip, appearances, lawn signs (or lack thereof), bumper stickers, flags, even the friends they keep and the partners they choose––but do these alone represent all of who we are? We have become quick to make judgments before ever speaking directly with one another. So, we’re asking … What would you like your neighbors to know about you?


Be A Good Neighbor: The Listening Project is facilitated by Susan Cosentini, co-founder of The Listening Workshop in Ithaca, NY. Participate in this free social experiment where Susan will teach us how to listen and communicate more effectively, and see people through their lenses, not our own. With a slight pause and some reflection, we can better share our humanity, diverse thoughts, and the varied beliefs that create our vibrant community. Meet your neighbors––whether it’s for the first time or not––and let’s experience each other as humans becoming better neighbors.


When: November 5 from 1-4pm

Cost: Free to the community

Location: St. Luke's Parish & Community Hall, 253 Glen Ave., Sea Cliff

Limited capacity. Register by November 1


Bring an open mind, a smile, a handshake, or even a hug; preconceptions and politics will be checked at the door. The Listening Project is not a forum for debate or judgment, rather it is a space that will allow neighbors with diverse perspectives to connect, understand each other, and make room for everyone in our shared community. 


In this project, our aim is to take one step closer to removing preconceived notions to make room to truly see each other, take one step closer to removing the obstacles that can disconnect our adjoining communities, and take one step closer to bridging the political divides that can grow within our neighborhoods by: 


  • Recognizing persistent conversational habits

  • Discovering the commitment, concern, and passion hidden in everyday communication

  • Experiencing the world through others' perspectives and practice responding from that understanding 


A respected, sought-after personal growth coach in Ithaca, NY Susan Cosentini has earned a reputation for living her commitment to people becoming free of the ordinary constraints’ life imposes. As the founder and owner of a successful construction and development company and a visionary ecological leader and educator, she reshapes the physical environment transforming lives and fostering sustainable living. Susan realizes that as we move forward into a sustainable future, with both planet and humanity flourishing, living in community will become increasingly important. While the complex physical issues of living sustainably can be solved, how people relate to each other -- the social environment -- remains unexamined and undeveloped. This insight inspired this workshop.  

There are vast unspoken domains underneath the words of any speaker that are missed by the average conversational partner. More than 10 years ago she discovered another way to listen, and for dialog to unfold. From that point on she has endeavored to develop and bring this new way of communicating to as wide an audience as possible, while maintaining her day job of course. Susan has led trainings to many groups and organizations including students at Ithaca College, Spencer NY residents concerned about political divisiveness, the faculty of Ithaca's Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School, political organizers in NYC, and many more. 

Sue is a die-hard student in the realm of human interaction and is very excited to bring this new approach to something we all do every day to the world. 

The Listening Workshop

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