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Our children want to impact the world around them. Is your child connecting to social goodness in their own way? Send us the details and we'll highlight them!

Our very own Strategic Neighbor Jennifer DeSane had a proud mama moment when her 17 year old daughter, Ella, launched Kindness Grows! The project aims to improve mental health and self-esteem by creating happiness through acts of service. Over at Kindness Grows, there is a belief that acts of service or kindness, no matter how big or small, have the power to positively change the way we feel about ourselves, and the world around us. CLICK TO WATCH YOUR KINDNESS GROW!

Jaime Teich, LYNPs Chief Neighbor, had a proud mama moment when her 8.5 year old son, Cal, launched a mission of using his passion for art to raise money to buy art supplies for area children and organizations facing financial impact. His goal is to make sure all children have access to the tools needed to express their creativity. Surpassing his original goal of $1,000 within a few short days, Cal has decided to keep the momentum going so he can help as many children as he can! CLICK TO COLOR THE TOWN WITH CREATIVITY!

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